Inchmore Gallery

Housed in the beautiful former Free Church just a few miles from Inverness, on the Beauly Road – was established in 2007.

It quickly developed a reputation for showcasing exciting, high-quality work by both local and UK-based artists, and enthusiastically championing the Highlands position in the Scottish art scene.

In 2010 ownership of the gallery passed to Jane, Barbara and Bill Inglis, who have worked to increase the galleries selection of artists and expand the breadth and variety of work on display.

Over two floors and multiple gallery spaces, it promotes a regularly changing programme of exhibitions from established artists such as James Newton Adams, Pam Carter, Fiona Matheson and Patricia Shone, as well as providing a platform for exciting artists at early stages in their careers. In addition to painting, printmaking and photography, the gallery displays a wide selection of jewellery and superb crafts, from textiles to wood. It houses one of the best selections of ceramics to be found in a gallery anywhere in Scotland.

Gallery Director

Jane Owen Inglis, has a strong vision for the gallery… “I feel passionately that good art should be accessible to all, so I work hard to create a friendly and inclusive atmosphere. We avoid unnecessary art-speak wherever possible, and try and make people feel welcome to call in and browse – whether seriously seeking a special gift or something to enjoy in their home, or simply wishing to soak up some gorgeous aesthetics. We’re on hand for advice, but we try not to intrude on peoples enjoyment of the work and the space. Good art sells itself!”

“Unlike some other commercial galleries, we display a large collection of crafts and 3D artwork alongside wall-based work. We work closely with craftspeople and makers to always have a large display of jewellery, sculpture, worked wood, ceramics, textiles… We support the annual Craft&Design Month and often stage crafts-specific special shows (we have been delighted to work with the Scottish Potters Association, and will be working with the Scottish Basketmakers’ Circle in 2016).”

“As a jewellery designer and silversmith myself, I understand about working with galleries, and as such I work closely with my artists to build strong, mutually supportive relationships that benefit both our businesses. I believe this also benefits Inchmore Gallery customers – we can bring artworks to life with their story and that of their creators, help with the fine details that make decision making easier and often assist by sourcing other similar work.”

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