Whitelaw Wilson


In 1971, after graduating from The Glasgow School of Art with a commended post graduate diploma in fine art, Whitelaw Wilson took up a lecturing post in Adult Education teaching drawing, painting and art history. Over the years, his work and the pastoral duties he undertook to help students achieve and progress eventually led him to develop a keen interest in pastoral aesthetics in how the visual arts can function in therapeutic ways to help people resolve difficulties and problems in life.

“Many brought their difficulties and problems to the art class but when I encouraged them to engage with aspects of their life stories through their art I noticed that levels of confidence, motivation and performance increased.”

The outcome of this interest and subsequent research into the role and function of the visual arts in health care resulted in the award of an MPhil degree from the University of Birmingham in 2000 and a doctorate with distinction from the University of Derby in 2003.

Although he continues to take an active interest in the arts in health care, he decided to start working professionally as an artist in 2005.

“Each year, since 1988, I have visited the Outer Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland islands to draw and paint. The natural beauty of these North Atlantic islands inspires and drives my art. I work to capture a feeling, emotion or moment in time when sunlight or moonlight creates a sense of mood and drama in and round and behind the thickness and thinness of cloud formations. The changing weather patterns, light and cloud formations, at times heavy, moody and dramatic or breathtakingly beautiful and awesome, provides a never-ending source of inspiration and challenge for each canvas. I often sit for hours at a time by the sea in some remote and peaceful place soaking up the mood of a scene then paint a memory of the experience while it is still fresh back at base.”

Whitelaw Wilson has exhibited his work in solo and mixed exhibitions throughout the UK and USA. He has paintings in public and private collections and has had works short-listed for the Art in Nature painting competition organised in association with The Artist Magazine on two occasions. He became a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society in 2010.

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