Vicky Stonebridge


The Inspiration for my work, comes from a long standing fascination with Animals, Archeology, History, Anthropology, Ancient Art, how do people relate to animals and the world about them the ebb and flow of the seasons, how people have always used certain symbols to express feelings, basic creative energy, symbolism and how we use it. Living here in the highlands nearly all my life I developed a passion for Pictish and Celtic art.

I think the most inspiring and enduring images for me are the tattoos found on the ‘Ice Maiden’, a 2000 year old ‘Pazryrk’ mummy, found in the Altai region of Siberia. There was also a male mummy found in the 50’s. The tattoos are swirling leaping animals, The stag in particular, has been a major influence on my work. These designs have become so much part of me that I have re-designed them as my own tattoos. A major ambition/ dream is to travel to The Altai Region myself, and explore this area, the similarities between Scythian & Celtic /Pictish art and work out why it resonates so much with me.

My job of firefighting can be dramatic and tragic, Firefighters are seen as archetypal heroes, I wish to capture some of the un-romanticised reality of this job. This is leading to work exploring the wider themes of contemporary people and places. I am torn between the real observed world with a journalistic approach to my art and the imaginative world of illustrative and narrative art.

Working on graphic novels and comics is a wonderfully collaborative art form which keeps suspends the ego and pushes me to try many different styles and techniques, I am working on blurring the boundaries between mediums and genres.

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