Veronica Newman


Veronica Newman worked as a potter in Scotland for twenty years before moving to Gascony in South – West France in 2008, where she has set up a new pottery studio.

Veronica makes handthrown translucent porcelain bowls and vases, trying always to throw the clay as thinly as possible in order to exploit its fluidity and translucency. She alters some forms by carving, cutting or folding the rims. Some pieces are glazed on the inside only and polished on the outside in order to create contrasting surfaces. Above all she likes to create a sense of movement in the porcelain. New work is exploring the use of oxides on rims and local clays added to the porcelain during the throwing process as well as the possibilities of different coloured stonewares thrown with porcelain to create landscape effects.

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  • All dimensions are approximate and show the overall width x height, including frame.

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