Tim Palmer

Tim Palmer bornholm fishing basket

I have been making baskets for over 20 years as a result of saying ‘I am sure I can make that.’ Out of that has grown an appreciation of the highly evolved nature of basket forms and techniques, and of the skills of those that made them. The knowledge and skill of basketmaking is precious, and losing skills is something that I find difficult to accept. Making something by hand is very satisfying, and basketmaking is one of the ways I fulfill that need. There is also almost unlimited variety in baskets, and each presents particular challenges, whether in the selection, preparation and use of materials or the realisation of a particular idea. The materials and techniques used around the world reflect local resources, and exploring their history and potential is fertile ground for experimentation.

In recent years, I have been making some non-functional pieces, but my making is rooted in functional and traditional work as without a thorough grounding in basic techniques it is difficult to bring the more creative pieces to a successful conclusion.

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