Robyn Kennedy


Born 1970 in Wick, Caithness. Robyn studied a Fine Art degree at Edinburgh (1988 -1993) specialising in drawing and painting. After graduating she has continued to exhibit widely, showing work in London, Edinburgh and Glasgow and across Scandinavia. Since returning to live in her native Highlands her work has also featured in galleries and venues throughout the north of Scotland.

“I work mainly with traditional drawing and painting media. My preferred techniques are acrylic based with collaged elements and paint additives often incorporated.

My subjects range from figurative to landscape and are usually part of a thematic series. The current body of work explores the fall of light and shadows and the patterning effects they cause over land and water.

I use a combination of plein air studies and memory to craft an image into the realms of abstraction, without ever diminishing the importance of ’landscape.’ It is an attempt to orchestrate the formal elements of painting (shapes, colour and marks) into a lyrical, soft-edged parallel of the natural world.”

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