Paulina Chrostowska

Paulina Chrostowska CCTV1 OIL ON CANVAS

I was born and grew up in a small town in Poland.  After graduating from high school I studied design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz where my first encounters with art began. I moved to Scotland in 2006. Painter at heart I decided to study Contemporary Art at UHI and graduated with Honours in 2016.

My works are somewhat of an investigation of certain aspects of being in modern world, investigation of what does it mean to be living in 21st century.

I use oil painting technique to translate already existing images onto canvas.

I aim for my paintings to be in a way detached from the source images, for them to exist outside of the source images. My latest works are inspired and based on CCTV stills. Short stories depicted on carefully selected material become subjects of my works.

Trapped in ordinary spaces faceless human figures are blurred, only gestures of some of them are accented; traces.



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