Pascal Carr

Pascal Carr Platter

We live and work on our croft on the Isle of Eigg where we design and make bespoke traditional and contemporary baskets, including coffins, using our own willow which is grown organically on our croft.

Our work allows us to express our passion and commitment to traditional craftsmanship and the natural world. Our baskets are our purpose.

We do not strip, boil or process our willow, we weave each rod in its natural state with the bark left on. This helps make the baskets strong and durable and allows the colours from the different varieties of willow to be seen and used in the design of each basket, the whole process is very low impact and sustainable.

To take a plant and turn it into a basket that is strong and practical by using only your hands and ancient techniques, makes that basket inherently beautiful.

We are the basket makers for the ongoing American television series Outlander, which is set in 18th century Highland Scotland.