Norman Fawcett

Norman Fawcett bowl

I served my apprenticeship as a gardener in the north of England and attended The Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh as a student. I worked for Glasgow Parks and Strathclyde Region mainly as a landscape officer and horticulturalist.  In 1979 I started a local nursery in the North of Scotland and subsequently a garden design business.

During my career in horticulture I maintained an interest in woodworking, a by- product of which was the development and taking out a patent for Wood Blocx, a modular system of building wooden walls in gardens.

I was increasingly concentrating on wood carving but when I inherited a lathe and attended courses on creative wood turning by David Regester and on end grain turning by Phil Irons. I attending a conference of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain in 2006 and this really opened my eyes to its scope and potential.

Due to family illness, I spent more and more time in the workshop honing my skills and developing my ideas, successfully displaying my work in a local art gallery.

After a career growing and using woody plants in the landscape, working with wood has become my passion, I love it and I love using tools to bring out its hidden beauty.