Nicki MacRae


I am an artist living and working in Easter-Ross, Highlands of Scotland. Primarily a painter working in acrylics and mixed media, I increasingly also use collage, textiles, photography, stencilling and other media and techniques in my work.

My work involves layering – concealing and revealing, enhancing and building, destroying and selectively supplementing. I adore colour and texture. I take an instinctive approach when working, using a wide range of media and found objects. I enjoy experimentation and see it as vital to my work, The greatest joy for me is in the great endless possibility of subject matter and materials.

I have several key areas of interest – a love of the natural Scottish Highland landscape brought me to landscape painting, but a key theme in my work is heritage, the built environment and archaeology. I explore our relationship with these places as modern people, the layering of history through time, and the impression people leave on their environment. I enjoy notions of the passing of time, decay and weathering. In 2012 I exhibited a major body of work –‘Ruin’ – focused on exploring these ideas, and spent time as Artist in Residence at the Ness of Brodgar archaeological excavations, Orkney, furthering my work in this area.

I value painting outdoors and in the landscape, allowing weather to become part of my paintings and being challenged by the practical constraints this imposes upon the way I work.

My abstract work frequently sits in series with my landscape work. It takes joy in texture, reparative mark making, and expressive line-work. I enjoy exploring the relationship between intended and random mark-marking in the creative process. I often employ a mix of destructive and creative processes when working. Most recently I’ve been working with spray paints and techniques associated with Street Art, using them in conjunction with more traditional, vintage, perhaps ‘twee’ materials such as lace, buttons, sewing patterns, costume jewellery, doilies.

I have work in private collections across the UK, Europe and in the USA, New Zealand and Canada.

Dots is a vibrant and varied series of abstract paintings exploring the relationship between transparency and opacity, and plays with the idea of ‘spy holes’. It plays with colour, simulated and physical texture and makes intensive use of spray paints and stencilling. It’s roots are in my love of collecting ‘many alike’ objects into complex arrangements.

It is the culmination of several years of practice and experimentation with spray paints, and their combination with more traditional fine art paints and techniques.

These pieces were created using careful and complex layers of colour and texture, applied using a variety of techniques and high-quality acrylic-based paint. It is supplied ready to hang on a deep-edge box-frame canvas (with the edges painted semi-transparent white to match the face of the painting), signed on the rear and dispatched with a Certificate of Authenticity.

  • All dimensions are approximate and show the overall width x height, including frame.

    Please phone or email if you have a query or wish to make a purchase.

    Postage and packing are not included in the prices quoted.