Monique Bervoets

Monique Bervoets Basket 16 Shoulderbag2

Originally from Holland, I settled in Sallachy, by Dornie, Kyle of Lochalsh, Scotland in 2002, participating in local basket making classes and planting willow in my garden. After 6 years I had the opportunity to turn this hobby into a small business: selling home made willow baskets in local shops and teaching willow weaving locally.

It fascinates me how you can turn a few rods with some time and effort but not much expense for materials nor tools, into a practical, decorative, self made basket. The material used is green and renewable too.

I love cropping the willow beds in winter, and seeing the colours of the different species of willow reflected in the Highland Hills.

Practising a variety of traditional and new skills after (master)classes and exhibitions by Mary Butcher, Jane Wilkinson, Dieter Derringer, Lise Bech and Joe Hogan among others.

I also dive into the history of this centuries old craft and have made creels, frame baskets, a coracle, Dutch duck nests, Scandinavian berry baskets; admiring the makers who kept this old tradition alive.

I have developed my own style: log baskets with belly, oval shoulder bags with ergo shape, my choice of natural colours; and I cater for special requests like willow cloches, a display bust for scarves, a traditional back creel for an artist project.

My main drive is to inspire others, so I teach in isolated Highland communities: I bring a few bundles of willow, and the budding makers go home proud and pleased with the basket made with their hands. Some start their own willow weaving journey.

Willow weaving is getting more popular every year, and I give information how to grow, store and prepare willow on request. I also offer groups with children and youngsters simple and fun willow activities.

Growing willow and weaving with it is very special!

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