Mark Lomax


I work as a 2 and 3D artist exploring themes that include, a sense of implied history, memory, belonging, knowledge and the trace of human activity and presence.

This latter theme refers to the act of mark making and the process of producing artifacts.

The materials and the methods used to employ them have been common in my work for the past 5 years. They comprise of layers of filler/plaster mixed with anything, ranging from soil, soot and sand, applied to a base, usually wooden panels, sometimes books and in some cases pages removed from books. The pieces are then worked into, scratched, scraped, refilled, drawn on, painted and stained to achieve a delicate surface that blends the impression of a naturally occurring object with the more obvious signs of mark-making and the hand of the artist.

My work is purposely ambiguous and open to interpretation. It is multi layered both in its meaning and interpretation and also in its physical construction. Texture and surface come to the forefront causing shifts in the object/background relationshipto create an ever-shifting focal point and sense of movement across the picture frame. The work seeks to be solid and monumental and also delicate, fleeting and ghost-like at the same time.

One aspect that runs through the work is the use of multiple blocks or lines of objects and images. Although each element is created as a stand-alone work, when grouped together the individual elements compliment and enhance each other to create something new. This is evident in the 3D work, the paintings, photography and mixed media pieces.

A recent development in my work is an increased use of collage and mixed media, this allows me to appropriate images, diagrams and text into the works. This not only creates additional physical layers to the works, but also adds new layers of meaning and an increased sense of time and history to the work.

Mark Lomax’s solo exhibition, “Discarded Thoughts”, opened at Inchmore Gallery on Saturday 5th May 2012.

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