Marialaura Romagnoli


I am an Italian and for the last eight years I have been living in Scotland, the land I’ve chosen for my adventure with clay and as home for my soul.

I make wheel-thrown stoneware pots and vessels, decorative and functional, created with an intention to add beauty and harmony to daily life. I enjoy working with altered forms and, in particular, making intricately carved lanterns. The making process gives me infinite possibilities for creating shapes in the clay that are beautiful in themselves and that will come alive in candle light, creating wonderful and enchanting shadow pictures that can transform a room into something magical.

For the SPA exhibition I have made six lanterns, each reflecting a different aspect of the theme. I invite you to look closely at the carvings and let your imagination discover the story and the magic within.

Marialaura Romagnoli

Marialaura Romagnoli

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