Lesley Jones


Lesley was born in Hertfordshire but grew up with a love of Skye, having spent holidays at her Skye grandmother’s house. So, after graduating from Loughborough College of Art and Design, specialising in ceramics, she set up a studio at Torrin in the Isle of Skye. Whilst there she also taught pottery evening classes at Portree High School and decided to take up teaching as a career. After doing a postgraduate degree in Art and Design Education she taught art in both primary and secondary schools in England. Lesley returned to Skye in 1998 and opened her studio, ‘Skyeline Ceramics’, in Harrapool, Broadford. Although a very small space, she enjoys making a wide variety of work; delicate organic bowls, porcelain pictures, bookends, and also has great fun making sheep ‘with attitude’.

Lesley uses two clays; a translucent porcelain and a buff stoneware, and works the clay by hand with a few simple hand tools. She mixes glazes to her own recipes, trying to capture the wonderful colours of the round pebbles found on Skye’s beaches

The inspiration for her work comes from Skye’s rich landscape. “I love the way the sea weathers pieces of driftwood and old shells. The abundance of natural form I find while walking in the hills or on the seashore gives me an endless source of ideas.”

Other works by Lesley are available at the gallery and all come boxed.

For more information please see the artists own website www.skyelineceramics.com

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