Konstantina Pateraki

Konstantina Flower Flies earrings

I started this journey by choosing to work with my hands, therefore I studied at the handmade silversmithing college as opposed to choosing a university in Athens where I lived and studied. I started working with an Armenian goldsmith who taught me (parallel with my college) the craft of classic jewellery making. Besides from the skills I developed there, I came to realize that commercial jewellery making is not for me. I love to make jewellery with traditional techniques like piercing, repousse, mokume, etching, electroplating etc but the magic for me doesn’t lie in perfect faceted cut stones and gold. It lies in the marriage of those techniques with inexpensive materials that I can find in my surrounding environment. I love to capture a drop of everyday’s colour or the different seasons and their sensation, so I can make something that makes me smile and hopefully others as well.

I became fascinated while studying Gemology, for two years, at the gemmological association of Great Britain, where I saw how the conditions deep in the earth lead to the very bespoke and unique result of inclusions and colours of gemstones.

While I was attending an electroplating seminar I got introduced to how many different colours can be achieved using copper or brass only by imitating the alchemy of nature. Sadly I only had the time now to actually practice some of the things I learned there so I am in my first steps of colouring metal and I am expecting amazing results in the close future.

I became very enthusiastic when I got the chance to teach at a municipality art centre and share my knowledge with a hundred students per year for five years. I learned there how the knowledge of something, can be translated into so many different things, through the creativity of different minds, and that the end result can always be amazing. That is definitely something I miss here…… my students.

Because of my interest of mixing different techniques and media, I studied next to some of the other artists/craftsmen that were teaching at the art centre, painting and drawing, wood and linoleum carving for printing and wood carving. We were about to have some mixed workshops when the recession hit and the municipality didn’t want to evolve. Therefore I had to leave this all behind and I moved to Scotland, which I loved at first site, a year ago.

I am a local now. I live and work in the very north of the Highlands, in a village called Skerray and I am very happy to be able to display my work once more and hopefully to make special jewellery for the special people that live here.

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