Kasha Kochanowska


Quallity and Heart.

Each treasure you see here brings together the best of materials; the clearest of crystals, the finest of pearls, the tiniest of beads, with gems and much more, all sealed with gold or silver plated endings.

All this is carefully gathered together to create unique treasures, that from the moment of creation, bring warmth to the heart and a smile to the face of the creator.

Inspiration from people and nature.

We are all different, we all want to feel special, we gain confidence in what we wear, or whom we are with.

We all express ourselves to different degrees. Some of us have a delicate nature, some of us less so, some us like to be subtle, with a touch of class, some us like to shout!!! You can be one person during the professional day, and another when out at night.

Nature changes every month through the seasons, it changes every hour as light moves, ice melts, clouds gather, or sun sets.

My imagination fills with all the wonderful sights and colour combinations presented to us, and then I release these images through my design creations.

Whatever we feel, whom ever we are, if you cant find that special bit of yourself here, please get in touch, and Ill create your very own individual piece of magic with you.

Passion Love and Dreams

My art is driven by my passion for what I do, I fall in love with each and every piece as I create it, I believe that this energy is absorbed into each and every piece of jewellery.

I hope this energy will fill you with a fresh confidence and inspire you to pursue your own bigger and better dreams.