Jo Cowie

Jo Cowie Heart (No Books Were Harmed) Within a Heart

“A book lover since before I could read, I’ve always held a fascination, respect and deep affiliation with books. Not just with the facts and fantasies within their pages, but with the textures, colours, print type, inner covers, bindings, smell, feel and ‘history’ that they carry with them.

I live in the heart of Moray, a few hundred yards from the majestic river Spey, with my husband and our five dogs (3 second hand, 2 owned from new!) and two cats. I discovered the art of creating origami in books quite by accident. Never having had a creative bone in my body, I was blown away to find that not only was I able to make simple, geometric shapes from folding the pages of books, but that I quickly developed a knack for accurately creating words and pictures. Brought up not to damage books in any way, I was anxious to assure anyone looking that I would never damage a book – and No Books Were Harmed In The Making Of This was born!

My art is created by careful hand folding of the pages, to an accuracy of about a third of a millimetre. I don’t cut, glue or tear the pages – every book I work with is completely functional as a readable book, should you choose to unfold the pages. Every book I work with teaches me something new about myself or itself.”

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