Jim Pennie

Jim Pennie Striped Standard Lamp

I don’t know why I started turning wood, it just seemed like a good idea at the time, and I’m
still doing it 26 years on.
I try to use recycled wood, or wood left over by other woodworkers or makers.
This wood tends to come in smaller pieces, and have cracks, inclusions and defects in it
which I have to work around. As a consequence of this I have to consider very carefully how
I use each piece, and it disciplines me to maximise the use of each piece. On the few
occasions when I have had large wide boards I find myself intimidated by the number of
option I have.
A lot of the wood I get tends to be species which can be very bland, with no interesting grain
or colour and so I am happy colour and paint many of my pieces
I work to very simple clean forms, and avoid any unnecessary elements. My goal is to
achieve a harmony of proportion where one plane flows comfortably into the next. When it
feels right it is right.
Almost all of my pieces are both functional and decorative, and made to be used.

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