Jenna Perryman


Jenna’s creative mind enables her to produce unique designs in a variety of colours.

Jenna produces her own range of opaque, pearlescent and transparent colours by mixing a combination of pigment dyes to a clear enamel. Timing is essential during the application process. The enamel becomes harder to work with as soon as the curing process commences. After the design has been created, great care is taken to ensure any trapped air bubbles are de-gassed. This is a very delicate process, as it is at this time that the design could become ruined. Once Jenna is happy with the design and the air bubbles have been de-gassed, the piece of jewellery is cured in an environment between 18 – 30 degrees c over a 48 hour period.

For more information please see the artists own website Jenna Perryman


  • All dimensions are approximate and show the overall width x height, including frame.

    Please phone or email if you have a query or wish to make a purchase.

    Postage and packing are not included in the prices quoted.