Jemma Derbyshire


Jemma Derbyshire is a Painter living and working in Edinburgh. She studied at Drawing and Painting Edinburgh College of Art and Tutors part time at Leith School of Art. Her works are bold, using vivid colours often inspired by her upbringing in the raw, exposed landscape of the Scottish Highlands.  Jemma also tutors a variety of classes and workshops providing comprehensive tuition and guidance in many areas of drawing and painting.

Light, sense of place, mood, atmosphere and experience are fundamental elements in Jemma’s work. Her paintings come from her experience of, and relationship to the landscape. This may be through trying to capture the essence of a moment, weather, illumination, or perhaps colour. They embody a sense of “northerness” and are energised by the sensation of light. Jemma’s initial response is something intuitive, but a painting may end up being a collection of feelings, experiences or thoughts creating a kind of memory space. It is deeply elemental and transient, capturing something that a particular moment in that landscape exudes. She works collating a series of drawings, colour studies and collages, done on location, and then develops these in the studio, focusing on the main elements drawn from that particular experience. Growing up in the highlands has had a huge influence on her work, and this landscape overwhelms and embodies her in a way no other does. For Jemma, this intense relationship with the landscape is incredibly important and gives life and energy to her work. Nothing is ever fixed in a painting, and although she may have an idea of the composition or colour she would like, this is never set in stone and may well change a number of times. Colour and Light drive her work. Jemma’s current concerns are with the more abstract qualities presented by the landscape. Creating the sense of transient light, atmosphere, feeling and colour still rooted in the landscape yet losing the more formal and perhaps sentimental qualities often present in the tradition of landscape painting. Each piece aims to be earthed, hold strong presense and be energy driven.

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