Geoff Forrest

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I began working with willow after attending a beginners basket making course with Lise Bech in 1997. Several years later I became a full time maker and continue to learn many techniques from a diverse range of teachers.

More recently I have moved away from traditional baskets and now make items based on natural shapes such as leaves, stones, and flowers. I like the flow that weaving willow creates, it naturally bends in a curve and lends itself to swirls and circles. Woven when damp it can be made into leaf or flower shapes which stay fixed once dry.

All the material I use has been grown for one year only before it is cut. So whether it is a large ‘Wave’ or a small ‘Treasured’basket it all comes from the same wonderful willow.

  • All dimensions are approximate and show the overall width x height, including frame.

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