Fiona Matheson

Fiona Matheson Wet Sands

A varied career within design and education has culminated in a desire to fulfill my potential as a contemporary landscape painter.

My relationship with the Scottish landscape is deep-rooted. Generations of farmers in Aberdeenshire and crofters in the Highlands have been instrumental in my responses to it. Having a father as a gamekeeper in Sutherland during college years helped me access a vastness of subject matter that can never be exhausted.

I am building on this foundation and remain dedicated in the pursuit of my personal objectives. I am always striving for new challenges and I am very much committed to progress my work.
There has to be elements of surprise as each canvas reveals itself.

My work is varied in scale from postcard size pieces to larger works measuring around 5ft.

Landscape takes the main stage. Colour dominates. Texture will intrigue as materials work unpredictably. Bringing all the formal elements together I draw on the land, bring the islands and seascapes together and focus on the seasons. To contrast the snow and the sand, to record the evidence of man and his habitats. A deserted croft or a working harbour. An empty beach a looming storm.

Painting is an addiction, creating is a love and sharing the final outcome with the audience is compelling.

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