Eolanda F Norrie

Eolanda F. Norrie Milk in yer Porridge

Born in Glasgow, brought up in Aberdeen from the age of 5 years old.

My choice of subjects as with my style of painting, have evolved through my fascination with things that have been through the journey of time, things that ooze character; old people, objects or weathered structures. My fascination for old things is also evident in my style of painting which has been adapted from of 20’s/30’s poster art and old sepia photographs. I’m intrigued by the design element of 20’s/30’s poster art and the solid blocks of colour that help form a narrative picture. The designs can be so simple yet so powerful in the message they are trying to convey.

Old sepia photographs also excite my imagination. The image can be of little relevance but the varying tones of one colour can make the picture so evocative.

Initially I trained in Exhibition Design at the formerly known College of Commerce, in Aberdeen, and completed with a Diploma (HND equivalent) in Art and Design.I decided not to pursue it as a career and instead became a Technical Assistant in one of Aberdeen’s academies: Although I was mainly assigned to the Art Department,I also assisted in other areas of the school as part of a Technical Support Team.

Working daily in an art related environment gave me the opportunity to develop many arts and crafts skills which helped pave the way for the next career move.

After 11 years the decision was made to leave full-time employment and to concentrate fully on art.

At that time, living in a fishing village along the Aberdeenshire coast, sparked an interest in the past fishing communities to which most of the artwork was based on. Boats and people from the by gone days were painted in either sepia tones or muted colours whilst trying to keep the feel of the era but at the same time seeing beyond the hardships to portray a more romantic side of their lives.

Over a 10 year period, my art was alternated between commissions, sign-writing, murals, crafts and upholstery. I sold work in several group and solo exhibitions; put one painting into limited edition print which sold in Scotland, Germany, Australia and America.

In 2003 I was awarded a Personal Development Grant from KDAF, the Kincardine and Deeside Arts Forum for further studies in figurative drawing.

In 2006 I returned to work, part-time for 5 years, as a Primary School Assistant in Angus.Although the personal art was neglected the arts crafts skills were not as I was asked to manage a mural project for the whole school,and work with primaries 1-4 on arts crafts projects that related to specific subjects they were being taught.

2011 saw a return to painting with an additional subject and style.

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