Elaine Jones


I first experienced porcelain as a medium in Copenhagen, working as an assistant to ceramicist, Christian Bruun and was immediately drawn to its creamy and fluid-like qualities. It was my interest in its fluidity and similarity to matter, such as bone and shell, which continued throughout my Masters Degree in Fine Art at Grays School of Art in 2004.With my Heart Bowl Series and Wishbones, I have tried to capture the fluidity and softness of the porcelain.

I work from my studio space at home, overlooking Buchanness Lighthouse and the cliffs, where my work is inspired by the fragments of shell and bone washed up onto the beach with each tide.

I often combine each porcelain piece with found objects from the beach, such as rope, metal, sea-glass and driftwood, as these too have their stories of transience. They act as a rough plinth to the times when we have held in our pockets a found shell, bone or pebble, treasuring it just for those few moments.

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