Dawn Susan

Dawn Susan coil basket

I have learnt my basketmaking whilst living in the Outer Hebrides. This is a place where the use of baskets for crofting and fishing is still very much in living memory. I stay aware of this heritage in my own work.

I am involved with raising awareness of traditional ways of living which were integrated in the growing of willow, harvesting of various plants and the baskets made and used in everyday life.

Primarily I use willow in my work that I have grown and harvested myself on the croft where I live. I love to include a lot of different coloured varieties in my baskets. I have been making baskets since 1999 and have been working pretty much full time as a basketmaker since 2008.

My entries for this exhibition reflect some of the different strands of my work. The coiled basket shows a weave that is definitely one of my favourites and in lots of colours. The round handled basket is a design that gives me much pleasure and the frame basket is part of my intention to continue some of the traditional baskets of this area.

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