Daniel Kavanagh


Daniel began studying 3D Design Ceramics at Loughborough College of Art and Design in 1994. It was during this training, that he discovered his excitement for metal and sculpture and changed his career direction.

He began training and working as a Bronze Chaser at Pangolin Editions, a fine art foundry in the South West of England, in 1997. In 2000 he moved to Scotland, and continued developing his chasing skills by working on a variety of challenging projects, ranging from scales of 5cm to 30 ft. Daniel then returned to his first passion of designing and creating, setting up his own studio workshop and a small gallery from his home in Glenferness on the edge of the Cairngorm National Park. Daniel’s work has shown in and around both Scotland and England, as well as at the Gramercy Fine Art Gallery in New York.

His bronze sculptures are all limited edition pieces, and his ceramic pieces have also become unique hand built one-offs. Daniel draws his inspiration from the beauty and isolation of the Highland landscape that surrounds his home and workshop. Themes in his work consider the presence and significance of the human form when placed among the powerful natural landscape as well as the natural light that is so unique to the mountainous Highlands. This is a constant source of inspiration and is reflected in many of the colours and surfaces he uses in his work.

With his ceramic vessels, Daniel chooses to build them in earthenware clay using traditional throwing, coiling and hand building techniques. His current collection explores aspects of his bronze ideas in terms of surface finish, creating finishes that illuminate the richness and shine of metallic materials. He achieves such effects through experimentation with lustres and at times applying several layers. Daniel also explores more natural ways of producing a finished surface through a smoke firing process, the beauty of this traditional technique means that any one piece may never be quite the same.

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