Charlotte Boxall

Charlotte Boxall Frame Platter with Beech Handle

My name is Charlotte Boxall married with 2 grown up children, 3 grandchildren, another on the way, we live in the Coquet Valley, Northumberland.  I have always made things starting as far back as I can remember with the dolls clothes, weaving and Christmas decorations.

Since my twenties have often sold what I make mostly to fund learning, materials and equipment rather than going the extra mile and making a living from craft and design. I do hope my ‘baskets’ give you as much pleasure as they gave me in the making.

Two threads run through my basket making, firstly much of my basketry work is reactive to a request or suggestion be it; the arch and crown for a Jubilee Flower Festival, a basket for our daughter’s first child, the onion shaped child’s play den made as a demonstration at a Wood Fair, a tree for the village Christmas tree festival, a ‘green-man’ mask or the crook basket which developed into an abstract sculptural tower.  Secondly I work well when materials are limited, taking willow home after meetings, re sorting everything including the rubbish bag and using straight away whatever is not suitable to dry off for another occasion.

I made my first basket on the third Wednesday in February 2007 at a Northumbria Basketry Group self help meeting in Hepple Village Hall, what a lovely day.  It is my good fortune the group moved to Hepple some fifteen months after the founding members met at an adult education class in Rothbury tutored by Liz Balfour.

In my mind’s eye the basket was to be a copy of grandmother Emily’s fine, elegant, now very battered, tulip shaped shopping basket probably from the late 1920’s.  (Emily Forsyth my paternal grandmother was born in Forres, 28th December 1885.)  It is an admiral first basket while being a lousy copy.  Since that day I have sort out everything and anything willow or ‘basket’ related, I enjoy it all: the sorting, the weaving, the colour, the repetition, the patterns, creating 3D, the discipline and rules for different styles,

About the exhibition pieces…

  1. Swallow or ‘Here Comes Summer’; glancing at one takes me straight to summer skies, plus with hanging pieces there is the extra dimension from the shadows.
    2. Chaotic / Random Bowl / Nest; this basket brings to mind the dark, snowy December afternoon when this lovely bowl was born.
    Random Bowls appear to have a life of their own constantly encouraging me to add just one more rod from the bundle at my feet.

3.  Frame Platter with Beech Handle; having never lost the childhood habit of collecting ‘things’ when outside, it is a delight to find uses for some especially in baskets.

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