Brigid Sharratt

Brigid Sharratt Wee Mugs

Having trained as a teacher and spent 25 years teaching I managed to acquire the old school at Swordale, Evanton where I have been making stoneware and domestic ware for the past 15 years.

After attending two inspirational courses in Holland with Joop Crompvoets and Eric Stockl, I built a large propane gas kiln.  I fire at 1260 with green flames up the chimney when reducing the oxygen inside the kiln (a bit scary).  My favourite colour is purple (a protective colour I believe) and so I have recently been using a glaze which gives purple in a reduced atmosphere.

Ideas stem from an interest in the inate energy in nature and I am fascinated by spiral structures as in DNA.  My next project will be making and firing Raku pieces in a kiln I built from a large oil drum.  I am a member of the Scottish Potters Association and have exhibited with them at Inchmore Gallery.

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