Anna Liebmann

Anna Liebmann Stars

I was drawn to basketmaking whilst my children were tiny and I lived and worked at a land-focussed housing co-operative set in 50 acres of farmland in Lanarkshire.  A want for beautiful toy baskets coupled with the unsuitability of metal work around toddlers and extreme poorness led me to thinking that making my own would be a good idea. We had planted a lot of willow for its habitat creation, wind shelter, and craft uses. I loved the fact that I could create a basket with the use of no fossil fuels bar those involved in the production of my secateurs and the chocolate consumed during the harvesting!

Other basketmakers, ludicrous perfectionism, and a fear of making un-sturdy products, have greatly helped me on my way.

I still love the connection I have with the land and people that grew and harvested the willow I use when I use it.

Passing on skills and knowledge to really interested people is hugely rewarding too.

My favourite entry for this exhibition is my willow hoop earrings. I get a lot of comments when I wear them and they are very light! It is quite challenging getting a circle shape without kinking the willow, and I have found that Somerset buff willow is best, as well as looking like a gold hoop- natural bling!

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