Ann Coomber

Ann Coomber Jewel

I have always been fascinated by the direct, intimate relationship between First Nation peoples and the natural world. The way that ‘abstract’ forms and natural objects contain or embody complex narratives, ideas, and personal or collective memories for them: recording and directing their movement through life, landscape, and time, and passed down through generations.

I prefer to explore my ideas through the medium of stone carving, although I sometimes work with assemblages, or constructions, of found natural and organic objects. Stone is, by its very nature, a physical recording of time and events, storing memories of past millennial landscapes, flora and fauna, whilst still the solid foundation of the present.

Taking organic or biological forms as a starting point, I gradually develop, simplify, abstract – using the process to connect with, and channel, my own deep, direct, emotional and instinctive responses to the world around me.

Whilst model-making and carving, I imbue the emerging sculpture with meaning – a story, remembrance, question, experience, emotion – a creative recording of my own personal journey through time and space, both imagined and real.

I love the physical and tactile nature of stone carving, constantly checking the outlines of the emerging shapes with my hands whilst working. It takes some time at first, to remove sections of the stone to reach a rough form. Then suddenly, I observe some ‘movement’ or detail, my heart lifts, and my concentration focuses on uncovering the complexities of the hidden form.

My sculptures are usually carved in the relatively softer stones – soapstone, alabaster, slate, sandstone and limestone. The three latter stones are suitable for outdoors or garden installation and I am happy to take on commissions for small sculpture projects for outside or indoor display.

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