Andrew Matheson


Over the years I have produced a variety of work based on a landscape tree theme which has its origins during my postgraduate year at Gray’s Aberdeen and landscape.  Often during trips to the West Highlands and the coastline there.  Recently I have started to explore and develop these tree forms further, concentrating on using a very dry feldspar glaze with cobalt and iron oxide underneath the glaze, which accentuates the marks and texture of the form.  Some of these influences can be seen in the sketches on my website.  I don’t draw the actual pieces but the ideas because in trying to copy the drawing I lose something.

All pieces are reduction fired to 1280’c and using a reduction stoneware body from Potclays which has a slight iron content, in fact it’s a throwing body but works well with handbuilt forms I do.

I enjoy throwing as method of making and have also included these slip and sgraffito decorated porcelain lidded boxes again with the landscape theme. This is a new idea started in the last couple of years.  The design is created using a paper stencil for each shade of blue and applied at the green stage once the piece has been thrown and turned. Glazed with a Cornish stone glaze and fired to the same temperature etc. as the rest.

For more information please see the artists own website Andrew Matheson

  • All dimensions are approximate and show the overall width x height, including frame.

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