Aidy Eaton

Aidy Eaton Modern Fossil 4

My name is Aidy Eaton, an artist living and working in Beauly and currently pursuing a B.A.(hons) Painting with the OCA.

 I explore creative potential by following a stream of consciousness suggested by a word or phrase that allows me to speculate on actual, imagined or ambiguous meanings. The works submitted are Modern Fossils that comment upon the ephemeral nature of technological progress and the transient character of the human condition. New technology is rapidly outmoded and, with the passage of time, the cutting edge artefacts we produce will eventually evidence our long departed culture. Their construction is documented online at :-

Part 5: Assignment 5 Final submissions

Entropy is the major theme of my artistic out put that manifests as social, cultural and personal decay; from the detritus of street litter to the erosion of personal space and global publicising of intimacy through the “selfie” phenomenon.

My generic website is