2016 CD Collection: Call to Artists


As I write this, there is a blue sky overhead and glorious sunshine is dappling across the green fields opposite the Gallery, yet it’s time to mention the ‘C’ word…

Well, yes, Christmas – but also the Inchmore Gallery ‘CD Collection’. 

This Festive Season will see our 6th annual CD Collection, in which artists from around the UK exhibit mini-artworks – the perfect size for affordable Christmas gifts. Whilst some participants choose to make work of a Festive nature, the only defining criteria is that artworks must be small enough to fit into a CD case – hence the inventive name and nature of the exhibition.

The event presents gallery clients and Christmas shoppers with a unique opportunity to purchase original works of art ranging from £20 to £200 – and with works spanning a diverse range of subject matter, many disciplines and styles, it’s no exaggeration to say there is something for everyone!

I am delighted to invite you to take part in this years CD Collection!

If you are interested in submitting work, please click the link below to download an Information Pack (this includes everything you need, including a Registration Form, labels for your work and the all-important dates and details).

We have also included a handy FAQ section below but if you have a question that you don’t see answered here, do get in touch.

Please note that it is not necessary to register your intention to submit work – simply create and send your work to us (we know you are busy, and we like making life easy for our Artists)!

CD Collection 2016 Information Pack

I am so looking forward to receiving all your amazing artworks – and please share this opportunity with any friends, colleagues or on Social Media!

Jane Owen Inglis, 
Director, Inchmore Gallery


When is the CD Collection Exhibition? 
It runs between 22nd October 2016 and mid-March 2017 (we haven’t yet finalised next years exhibition calendar, so cannot yet confirm the exact date the exhibition will be taken down – but this will be confirmed by email soon).

When do I need to submit work by?
We need to have received work in the post by 8th October 2016. If you can get it to us earlier then this is greatly appreciated, but all work received up to this date will be included.

What restrictions are there to the work I can submit? 
All work must measure 11.9×11.9cm square (the same size as the paper insert in a CD case, there is a helpful template in the CD Collection 2016 Information Pack). Work must be flat with little relief in order to fit into our display holders. All work must be your own work, and original artworks.

Can I submit photography?
Yes! We can accept Fine Art Photography. The submitted works must be high quality photographic prints (we cannot accept photographs of your paintings, drawings, etc).

Can I submit prints?
We love Printmaking at Inchmore Gallery, and encourage submissions of lino prints, screen prints, etchings, etc. We cannot accept Giclee and other Artists Edition prints.

Can I submit Craft work?
There is no way to give a blanket answer to this question… We are hugely supportive of Craft and Applied Art, and are more than happy to accept work of this type in the CD Collection – the limitation is that the work must fit into a standard CD case. Some Craft applies itself readily to this (such as embroidered textile panels), and other participants have come up with innovative solutions to the problem (such as mounting necklaces on card square mounts, which can easily be slotted into a CD case).

I have never exhibited with you before, can I submit work? 
Yes! This exhibition is open to all – whether you are an Inchmore Gallery Artist, have exhibited with us previously or otherwise.

I am not a Professional Artist, may I submit? 
We recognise that the line between Professional and Amateur Artist is blurred – many Amateur Artists gain renumeration from selling work. If you feel your work is of a suitable quality and standard, and you are able to deal with our needs around supply of paperwork, invoicing and receiving electronic payment (for any works sold), we are happy to receive your submissions.

I am not based near your gallery / in Scotland, can I take part?
Whilst many participants do live close to the Gallery, we are happy to receive submissions from anywhere in the UK.

If I want to take part, what do I need to do? 
First, download our CD Collection 2016 Information Pack Information Pack, all the information you need is contained within it. Once you have created your work (and completed and attached labels, also included in the pack) please forward to us at the address supplied.

Will you confirm you have received my work? 
Due to the high number of submissions, we cannot contact individual artists to let them know their work has arrived. If this concerns you, please use a tracked delivery option.

How will I get any unsold work back? 
Any unsold artworks will be returned to you at the end of March / start of April 2017 (after the exhibition has been taken down). Detailed instructions on how work will be received are in the CD Collection 2016 Information Pack, but to receive work back you MUST send us a self-addressed envelope with a minimum of 6 x 1st class loose stamps.