Inchmore Gallery


” …the most progressive and stimulating art gallery in the Highlands…”

This progressive gallery enthusiastically promotes the Highlands as being part of the Scottish art scene. Far from following the traditional perception of what this “Highland Gallery” should offer, the Inchmore experience is of a cosmopolitan venue.  

The gallery exhibits original work of respected local artists, new graduates, emerging artists and nationally recognised names. The rooms have a sympathetic layout, with open spaces to appreciate the larger works and discreet gallery rooms to help you enjoy a private moment when viewing.

The art exhibited covers all media – from oil, watercolour and acrylic, to fresco, glass-art, jewellery, textile, photography, sculpture and ceramics, both contemporary and experimental – while encompassing styles across the spectrum of representational to technically balanced abstracts, to installation works, which offer social statements.

Inchmore Gallery